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operation_cannot possibly fail LIVESTREAM

Continuing our rebellion against the inability to Livestream, this Sunday 3rd March 5pm EST we will once again circumnavigate failure in order to watch an episode of South Park together...

We will be watching S15E03 Royal Pudding. If you own a copy* please queue it up in preparation!

At 5pm EST precisely, meet up at livestream.com/spbb where we will utilise the chat function, and be ready to hit play on your own media player at 5.10pm!

This 5.10pm viewing time will hopefully compensate for late arrivals; if we're out of synch by more than a few minutes then discussing the episode becomes difficult and less enjoyable. With that in mind, please prepare in advance and try to join us on time!

*if you do not own a copy...here are some online options

southparkstudios.com S15E03 Royal Pudding (Official US site, free, interrupted by adverts)

(Official UK site does not have this episode available)

divxstage S15E03 Royal Pudding (Unauthorised, free, no adverts)

gorillavid S15E03 Royal Pudding (Unauthorised, free, no adverts)
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